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Classification of environmental protection equipment

Category:Industry News  Date:2018-04-24  Views:323
Public sanitation facilities filter dust removal equipment, sewage treatment equipment, air purification equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, noise prevention equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, disinfection and antiseptic equipment, energy saving and consumption reducing equipment, sanitation and cleaning equipment, environmental protection materials and chemicals, environmental instruments and instruments.

Quanzhou Yuandong environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 10, 1999. Mainly engaged in environmental protection machinery, products, technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, production, sales and other train equipment supporting the production of pulp and paper tableware high-tech enterprises. The company covers an area of 70 mu, and the standard workshop 21000 is more than square meters. All kinds of computers, CNC machining equipment and testing equipment 90 multiple sets, a variety of processing technology is complete. The company has an experienced enterprise management and engineering team 150 person (college senior professional 32 person). The company has a professional research and development of new products, with a value of millions of dollars of equipment, with more than 1000 square meters of research laboratories, with new technology research and development capabilities.