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Quanzhou Far East Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. wishes all the new and old customers

Category:Company News  Date:2018-02-06  Views:491
Quanzhou Far East Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in October 1999. Mainly engaged in environmental machinery, products, technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, production, sales and other railway equipment supporting the production of paper pulp tableware and new technology enterprises. The company covers an area of 70 mu, and the standard factory building is more than 21000 square meters. All kinds of computer, CNC processing equipment and testing equipment more than 90 sets, all kinds of processing technology. The company has an experienced enterprise management and engineering team of 150 (junior senior title of 32 people). The company has professional research and development of new products, has millions of dollars worth of equipment, has more than 1000 square meters of research laboratories, has new technology research and development capabilities.