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Environmental protection pulp tableware manufacturing industry has great potential for development a

Category:Industry News  Date:2017-11-10  Views:428
Due to the pollution problem of plastic packaging containers, in recent years, countries around the world have consistently stressed environmental protection, and the importance of paper packaging containers has been increasingly recognized by people. Paper packaging is currently recognized as the green packaging, in energy saving, resource conservation, environmental protection and many other advantages. In 2016, the global flexible packaging market is 217 billion US dollars, and it is expected to reach 261 billion US dollars in 2020, showing a steady growth. Environmental protection tableware pulp belongs to the green environmental protection products, the materials used harmless, non-toxic and tasteless, easy degradation, manufacturing, use and destruction process without pollution, the quality of the products can meet the requirements of national food hygiene products, after use is easy recovery, easy disposal or easy absorption characteristics, so by the world wide attention. Environmental protection pulp tableware is another profound revolution of food packaging industry. Its development potential is great, and its development prospect is very broad.
Quanzhou Far East Environmental Protection Equipment Co., focus on non wood low carbon environmental protection products and new materials, health food packaging, industrial packaging, environmental protection and low carbon life necessities, green medical appliances, building decoration materials such as formaldehyde free natural non wood products in the low carbon environmental protection, ecological green energy "garbage power engineering equipment." in such high speed textile machinery, forming technology, equipment manufacturing, low carbon environmental protection enterprise production scale, to participate in the drafting of national environmental protection food packaging "degradable tableware industry standard setting units, belonging to Chinese high-tech enterprises.
The Far East enterprises will take the mission of science and technology as in the past, the high-tech industry is committed to the development of low carbon environmental protection high-tech industry, to create a stable, long-term, science and technology, innovation and development "Albert, to create a circular economy, green, natural, low carbon life environment and make unremitting efforts, leave a green ecological living space for children generations of dedication to human health.