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Analysis of current situation and development trend of disposable degradable tableware

Category:Industry News  Date:2017-08-15  Views:448
In recent years, the domestic economic situation is not very prosperous, many industries are in a depressed state. Whether it is economic crisis or post economic crisis, the consumption of the Chinese people remains a straw. The state has promulgated policies to reduce the interest on bank deposits, promote consumption and develop the tourism industry. However, in the depressed economic market, the market of food and drink should continue to develop. As long as restaurants open, disposable biodegradable tableware needs constant supply.
Traditional tableware such as porcelain tableware, metal tableware, wood, bamboo, tableware and glass tableware, etc., these have developed for hundreds of thousands of years. There are some in modern life in the new emergence of defects, such as disposable chopsticks cup. However, the use of disposable habits has been deep-rooted, it is difficult to get rid of it, as planned economy into a market economy in general. The mind decides all actions, and how far is the mind.
Of course, let disposable degradable tableware is dominant, the table also take time, this is not a short duration of time to complete. But at least this concept can be advocated, and gradually let more people accept it. After all, this is the best choice for the replacement of foam tableware, with the concept of low carbon environmental protection, which is the key.
So you can try to start with some avantgarde fashion, people who like new things, such as white-collar, backbone, social elite. This is the backbone of a group of societies that change the minds of these people, and then use them to drive others. So slowly, over time, more and more people will be aware of the importance of low-carbon environmental protection, consciously resist disposable foam tableware, disposable degradable tableware will become a best choice.
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