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Quanzhou Far East Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in October 1999. Mainly engaged in environmental protection machinery, products, technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, production, marketing and other train equipment supporting the pulp tableware production of high-tech enterprises. The company covers an area of 70 acres, the standard plant more than 21,000 square meters. Various computers, CNC machining equipment and testing equipment more than 90 sets of various machining process complete. The company has an experienced corporate management and engineering team of 150 people (college senior title 32). The company has professional R & D of new products, with millions of dollars worth of equipment, with more than 1,000 square meters of research labs and possess the new technology research and development capabilities.
R & D of ZS-2008 series of non-wood fiber pulp environmental protection food packaging (tableware) production equipment won numerous international, national invention patent gold; SD-P08 / SD-P09 / LD-12 Series automatic saving of non-wood fiber pulp tableware production equipment, is a leading foreign and domestic pioneering technology, patented Exposition and the National Science and Technology, State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the State Quality and Technical Supervision, the State Environmental Protection Administration issued a key new product certificate, is the company's leading products.
The company is a national non-wood fibers environmentally friendly food packaging (tableware) equipment manufacturing enterprises, continuous eighteen years was identified as "high-tech enterprise" by the Fujian designated as "innovative pilot enterprises", Quanzhou first batch of "technological innovation model Enterprise "," focus on supporting protection of enterprises, "municipal" A corporate tax. " "Contract and keeping promises" the company develop products with high technological content and high added value of the characteristics, with independent intellectual property rights, technical barriers to enter the higher is the industry leader in technology innovation. Product won the "provincial quality products", "Ministry of Agriculture, Science and Technology Progress Award", was named the Hong Kong International New Technology Expo Gold Medal, Bronze Hong Kong International Invention Exhibition, China Spark Program Famous commodity certificates, China Association for Quality Inspection Unit certificates acceptable quality , and repeatedly won the provincial, municipal and district authorities commended. Currently, the company equipment sales in the country of similar industry occupies 60% of the market for three consecutive years the first. Is the largest non-wood fiber pulp environmental protection food packaging (tableware) production equipment, and non-wood fiber pulp environmental protection food packaging (tableware) products manufacturers.
(1) R & D: In order to allow the market share in the industry continues to expand, the company will further increase the proportion of investment in R & D funding, attention to R & D personnel training, and actively participate in the international exchange of cutting-edge learning activities in the same industry, and expand their horizons, keeping forge spirit of innovation.
(2) Equipment: In order to meet the market demand to improve the technological content and quality of equipment at the same time, the introduction of advanced computer processing center equipment to improve the skill level of employees, the company increased investment in innovation, attaches great importance to technological development institution building , vigorously develop the introduction of scientific and technological personnel, and strive to enhance the capability of independent innovation.
Company for completion of technological innovation-oriented enterprises, has introduced a new high-tech products to better serve our customers, as well as information technology, science and technology talent, capital and other social innovation resources, thus contributing to the company's innovation and development.